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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Uncommon things
What do a Today Tonight cameraman, a gang of grafitti artists, a bottle of vodka and fairy wings have in common? Easy - they all featured in my Saturday night.

I don't often right on this blog about the happenings in my life except in my very brief "Good & Bad" posts, however, last night was particularly memorable / strange / interesting and thought it worthy of a mention on here.

A friend of mine, Ben, threw a Halloween party last night and, yes, he is aware that Halloween is actually on Sunday the 31st but thought last night was as good a night as any to throw a party at his place in Williamstown. I have no idea why it takes me so long to get to Williamstown from my place but I did have to wait around a lot for connecting trains.

On the way, a rowdy group of people who had obviously been to the races hopped on the train. One of them was carrying a large video camera and I later found out that he's a Today Tonight cameraman and the camera he was holding is worth around $60,000. They chatted loudly with some nearby teens, pretended to auction off a boy's necklace and invited would-be thieves to steal the video camera (side note: wouldn't that make for an interesting story on channel 7's "current affairs" program if someone did steal it?). The teens later exposed themselves as grafitti artists (or "aerosol artists" as they prefer) and showed the group pictures of some of their work. Upon embarking the train at Newport, the group suggested the "aerosol artists" paint a slogan in protest to the toxic waste dump proposed for a site close to Mildura.

I bumped into a friend who was also on his way to the Halloween party and I watched him put eye-liner on using the reflection in the train's window and helped him tie his fairy wings on. He was one of a select few at the party who had bothered to go in costume. I was sans-costume myself.

I managed to drink an entire bottle of vodka at the party by mixing it with vanilla coke. Apparently vanilla flavoured vodka and regular coke tastes better than vanilla coke with plain vodka. I will have to test this theory out one day.

I met this nice lad who I thought was one of Ben's straight old school friends. Turns out he did go to school with Ben but he's definately gay. We swapped numbers.

The rest of the night gets a little blurry after this because of the effects of the vodka. I think I passed out a couple of times and spewed up in the sink. I woke up at some stage to realise they had all gone off somewhere. Apparently they went to the beach. I decided to make myself comfortable and hopped into Ben's bed until I was awoken by someone (not Ben) and told to sleep on the futon. I was joined a little while later by the fairy-wings guy and the guy he was being intimate with all night. They told me they kicked me off the futon at some stage but I don't remember. Presumably they had sex.

I woke up at 8am to a very bright Sunday morning and promptly realised it was actually 9am because of daylight savings. My head hurt, the place was feral and most people were still asleep. There were 4 fully-clothed people in Ben's bed and one on the floor. At some stage, I do remember, that my friend Andy showed up. He wasn't there in the morning.

I got up, got dressed, ate something bakery-looking really slowly and attempted to join in on the morning conversations. I then said my farewells and walked to the train station thinking that it had been an interesting night worthy of a blog entry.

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