urban creature: Last words on the election

Saturday, October 09, 2004
Last words on the election
Not convinced that Howard needs to go? This article on Crikey pretty much sums up everything you need to know before heading into that polling booth on Saturday.

This article is something I would have beed expecting to read in The Age this morning - not because I think The Age is leftwing but because it has standards - and one of those standards is editorial consistency.

Here are a few gems from Crikey:

"Now [Howard's] just another ruthless populist exploiting the prerogatives of power whilst his government runs out of puff."

"One great Australian institution, however, that may not survive the re-election of the Howard government, is the Liberal Party itself. Sickly for many years, under Howard it has become almost comatose. Its members have deserted, dissent has died out, and its state divisions have degenerated into factional warfare over diminishing spoils. Howard himself is attempting to restructure the party as a tool of the federal secretariat, not a popular movement.

A Howard victory tomorrow would set the seal on his picture of what the Liberal Party should be: a party hostile to any genuine liberal thought, undemocratic in its principles and its processes, loyally supporting whatever policy twists the Leader (always with a capital "L" now - remind you of anything?) deems necessary to secure his re-election.

The Fraser and Howard governments both frittered away opportunities to change the nation for the better, but all the signs are that Latham would be a genuine reformer."

A change of government tomorrow will change the nation for the better.

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