urban creature: The Hatred Amendment Act (2004)

Friday, August 13, 2004
The Hatred Amendment Act (2004)
As you may or may not know, the federal Labor Party today supported the government's amendments to the Marriage Act explicitly outlawing same-sex marriage. In my opinion it's one sad, black Friday for the queer community in Australia.

However, that's enough of my opinion, lets see what other people have had to say:

"It's a sad state of affairs when hatred becomes law." Caller on Joy FM this evening

"The Senate Inquiry into the Marriage Amendment Bill had already been sidelined by bringing the legislation on ahead of the Inquiry commencing. Now, the Government is squeezing this even further by limited the debate to only three and a half hours and then ramming it through." Senator Brian Greig, Australian Democrats Spokesperson for Sexuality Issues in a media release.

"[It is] paternalistic in the extreme [for Labor] to say firstly that gays are somehow not ready for marriage, and secondly not to implement the commitments they made." Lyn Morgain, Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby in the Melbourne Community Voice

"Howard and Latham married at the altar of bigotry." Banner at a recent Tasmanian protest

"[The Australian Government] is soft on terror but hard on homosexuals... shelving its 'war on terror' propaganda legislation for its 'war on homosexuals' marriage bill." Senator Andrew Bartlett, Australian Democrats Leader in The Age

"It is refreshing to see our national leaders put aside their political differences to outlaw something that doesn't even exist. I now look forward to bipartisanship support for the Bunyip Control Act." Paul Kidd in The Age letters page

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At 8:45 pm, Blogger urban creature said...

Another quote:

"I mean, why is he trying to pass legislation that would meet with the approval of al Qaeda rather than trying to eliminate al Qaeda? Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy." Tim Dunlop, a posting on his 'The Road to Surfdom' blog


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